Are you struggling to find specialized IT talent for your complex projects? Do high costs and scalability issues hinder your progress? Discover how TaaS (Talent as a Service) by GlobalSysInfo can revolutionize your business operations.

What is TaaS?

Talent as a Service (TaaS) is a comprehensive solution designed to address the talent gaps in your organization by providing on-demand access to highly skilled IT professionals. Our TaaS offering is tailored to meet the unique needs of Systems Integrators and IT Producers, ensuring you have the right talent when and where you need it.


  1. We create a captive offshore COE/COP/GDC with dedicated Infrastructure & Resources.
  2. Staffing the COE based on Client requirement and ensuring long term availability of resources
  3. Managing the COE jointly with Client and providing all administrative support.
  4. Defining Best Practices and Methodologies for the COE/COP/GDC that integrate seamlessly into Clients processes, culture and objectives.
  5. Through processes & measures ensure confidentiality of information/IP of client


  1. GlobalSysInfo’s COE  will function similar to Clients’ own offshore centre, as if they had created one.
  2. GlobalSysInfo’s ability to attract and retain high skilled resources for the COE.
  3. Resources available for Technical/Functional/Back office roles.
  4. 24×7 working possible to support various time zones.
  5. English and Spanish (certified) resources to serve Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic markets.
  6. COE could also be built on a BOT model.
  7. Ability to scale up operations with availability of skilled resources in the COE.
  8. Resources available for both onsite & offshore requirements.
  9. Lower bench cost as against having local resources.
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