YummZ Check-In

YummZ Check-In is a mobile app available in IOS and Android with the objective of ordering food directly from the table through a QR code.

For the establishments, YummZ Check-in is the perfect solution for order management; it includes a Web and App Merchant to received orders and confirms them, as well as the full control on editing products, promotions, images, times, etc.

YummZ Check-in App caters to all restaurant’s sectors:
Franchises, Restaurants, Food-halls, Gourmet Markets, and others…
Even before the customer gets into the place

Octopi One

Our serverless AWS-based platform provides everything you need to develop your processes, including web-based development tools for your business users, developers, and production support team: Jira and project tools integration, documentation, git repositories, git-flow, web-based IDE are already part of our suite. Unit and automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery are configured and set for your projects.

We are programming language agnostic. Jumpstart your team to the best development practices from a single tool and leverage the power of your existing team without maintaining expensive development infrastructure.


There are more than three million data centers in the world, and their consumption is responsible for more than 2% of the world's electricity consumption. This makes the environmental impact of data centers equal to that of aviation. MoniRacK is the tool that uses Artificial Intelligence for the Digital Transformation of the DataCenter, and minimizes the CO2 footprint while increasing availability and reducing risks, being a strategic tool for the sustainability and improvement of ICT services.


Software platform for Human Team Management that provides important benefits to all types of organizations:

Modeling of work teams that guarantees the implementation of new strategies, the homogeneity of structures and the ability to draw conclusions to improve efficiency

Effectiveness and efficiency without limiting the complexity of the network of companies involved in our projects

Intelligent application of geolocation technologies so that dispersion does not reduce productivity or manageability.

Full visibility of individual and team behavior

Administration, management and productivity optimization tools at all levels.

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