Information is the most valuable resource for each company. How are you protecting it?

We have a group of experts in Information Technology focused on:

  • Safety
  • Optimization
  • Data backup
  • Networking
  • Telecommunications Systems

This allows you to ensure the integrity of your companies and people on all platforms.
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We want your company to operate with peace of mind, leave us the responsibility of managing your digital security. We will take care of reducing digital risks by protecting critical business processes, digital identity and sensitive information.

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We show organizations the current security status in their IT environment.

Cloud Computing
We help our clients to guarantee security in applications, users and information.

We work together with our clients to guarantee that the communication flow has adequate security levels.

Physical security
We protect with tailored solutions all the requirements associated with this area.

We have technology that allows our clients to connect to secure wireless networks with quality of service to applications.

We prevent, monitor and control our clients’ devices, in order to guarantee a proactive level of security according to their requirements.

Enterprise architecture

Project management

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    We evaluate risks and threats from the perspective of our clients to guarantee an information system free from any threat, attack or damage.


    We identify vulnerabilities according to their functions and the protection of their assets, such as user impersonation, data loss or access threats.


    We implement strategies and actions that will mitigate and eliminate identified threats and impacts.


    We solve according to the objectives, risks and resources involved in information security.


    • Threat intelligence service
    • Social media monitoring
    • Response to Security Incidents

    Monitoring and Correlation

    • Log aggregation, correlation and analysis
    • Complete set of tools for data collection, analysis, reporting, monitoring and correlation
    • Agile implementation and scalable solution
    • Normative compliance
    • Real time analysis
    • Incident tracking
    • 24 × 7 log monitoring
    • Collection, storage, search and communication

    Proactive Security

    • Firewall Management, IPS, Proxy, Content Filtering, Antispam
    • Analysis of public and internal assets visible from the SOC
    • Generation of periodic reports and analysis
    • External and internal penetration tests
    • Vulnerability management
    • Application scanning and email and web security

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