Development of platforms for online sales

We create experiences and turn them into sales, reflecting the essence of your online business creating efficient, fast and end-customer-focused stores.

E-commerce creation information

Our expertise is the design, development and strategic performance of online stores. We have a team focused on various disciplines with a development methodology aimed at creating successful digital experiences for: B2C, B2B2C, B2B and Marketplace.

We design your

E-commerce or Market Place

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    Discover the different ways to create an online business

    Integration with points of saleEach development is unique and we seek to provide a result-oriented solution, we have integrations to different platforms and technologies that strengthen the solution according to your needs.

    We offer:

    • Integration with CRM platforms
    • Integration with points of sale
    • Branch Segmentation
    • Geolocation to show the proximity to your business
    • Analysis charts for your sales
    • Custom orders for customer and vendor
    • Different costs for your customers and suppliers
    • Discount coupons
    • Track and status of your shipment in real time

    Is your business evolving? Your Online Commerce too.

    Do you want to take your online business to another level?

    You need a Market Place
    A Market Place is an online platform to buy products or services from different brands or companies. We can help you develop your personalized Market Place according to the market you want to target.

    Sell ​​at any time

    Your cash register should ring at any time, it allows your business to be available at any time.

    Increase reach

    By having a greater reach and selling more, your income will be rewarded. You choose where you want to sell.

    Digital presence

    Always available, with the possibility of positioning yourself better and being within everyone’s reach.

    You can also customize Customer Service so that you provide a unique experience

    Project Recognition (Information)

    It all starts with an interview, let us know about your project, products or services that you want to sell so that, together with our creative team, we can offer you the best solution that has the functionalities you need and we can also, based on our experience, do recommendations.


    Once we know your project we pack the actions to develop the best solution projecting a cost of the service remembering that we can, even if you need it, work on a scalable model and improve your project whenever necessary.

    Prototype Design

    We are going to give shape to your project, designing flow charts and analyzing all the options that may exist with the interaction of your clients, but above all to define strategies that help you obtain a bigger ticket before the user goes to checkout.

    Programming and Testing

    Although the times for each project may vary, you will always have a status and progress analysis for your project prior to starting the tests that will help us to confirm the reflas in the flow of information and visualization on different mobile devices.

    Publication and Maintenance

    It is time to publish your new online store and align it with your business processes. You will learn to use the platform so that you can manage it and feed it with your products constantly. Whenever you require it, our team will provide maintenance to your product where we will evaluate your needs.

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